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Color Blocking

More trends for fall and winter! The color block is here to stay! Blending vibrant colors in the same look, it's the perfect choice for those who want to build a modern and fun look. Dive in a variety of rainbow shades in that super colorful edition!

When it's time to join the color block trend, some tips are valuable! Mixing contrasting colors works very well for those who are not afraid to dare to be creative. For those who prefer to start slowly, use similar colors or play with flashy accessories.

And for those who think that the color block is exclusive of the female wardrobe, just keep an eye on the catwalks to discover that the color invasion is also trending in their clothing. The secret is to use common sense and a good eye for the colors that complement each other.

Why use a single color when you can wear them all? Mix to match and walk around with a super cool look!



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