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Fendi’s Fall/ Winter 2015: Creative Inspiration

Every collection, trend, or classic style is creatively inspired by the world we live in. Designers and fashion companies for instance take cues from nature, current economic events, or various social topics in order to influence the mood, color, and overall style of their collection. This upcoming Fall and Winter season, Fendi’s newest collection is totally buzz worthy!

Among an array of animals, all reinvented in giant folds using origami, this Japanese technique is used in different ways within education! Fendi, in turn, used this as inspiration for the new Children’s wear collection. The company’s children’s wear collection draws inspiration from nature and also includes the metallic trend, usage of pastel colors in the color palette, and color blocking! Fendi does an awesome job or meshing all the current child fashion trends.

The collection is comprised of velvet, neoprene, and jersey, modern fabrics, like crepe and also the tartan pattern, acquired details in mesh. Even flannel came back with the good old gray, the most fun drawings in prints of monsters, zebras, flowers and polka dots! Silhouettes featured on the sophistication of a princess. For little gentlemen, stylish jackets and suits! There is a ton of styles to play with this season.

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