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La Princesita, Classic Luxury Childrens Wear

La Princesita established in Jul 2018. La Princesita means the princess in Spanish. Every little girl has a princess dream. Your little one’s precious dream comes alive at La Princesita. We create dresses with the thoughts of bringing back the traditional fashion with a modern twist. Timeless and Classic dresses which can be passed through generations. Our goal is to stimulate children’s imagination and put smiles on their little faces.

Designed in UK, handmade in Europe to the highest craftsmanship with exquisite details. We pride ourselves in the materials we handpicked and the detail of attention in creating each individual piece. The quality of our dresses are second to none. All our dresses are fully lined with cotton petticoats complete with matching accessories.

This season our theme has been around sweet childhood including festive fun, carousel play, snow play and princess dream. Brace yourself and immerge in the fun filled journey with us. 


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