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Baby Dior

Child Model Magazine brings you the latest news on the hottest trends out right now in the children’s fashion industry! Along with the beginning of this New Year comes new launches with innovative collections. One of the major fashion companies to do so is Dior. The Baby Dior spring collection of 2016 pulled it’s inspiration from “a walk through the famous Palace of Versailles and the gardens Le nôtre du Petit Trianon of Marie Antoinette…” according to the company’s official website. The collection consists of colors that range from neutral colors like white to a warm citrus, giving a cool effect to their combinations. These colors are marking the season. Throughout the color story, there is an abundant amount of boldness and vibrant hues! With many graphic inspirations and a romantic looks in its pieces, the collection is characterized with floral, striped, and polka dotted prints that matched the beautiful dresses of the brand. The girl’s collection was given a royal spin to it and is defined by cinched waists and the enormous fullness from the rounded skirts.

For the boy’s collection, they were given a sporty chic feel! The simplistic silhouettes and noble silk fabric gives this collection a Balone feel. The knitted garments structure theses pieces together!

Child Model Tip: Rounded skirt dresses + sneaker shoes! Build trendy yet gorgeous looks this spring! Enjoy!


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